Friday, June 8, 2007

The $7 Scam

I've seen a lot of bloggers recently promoting something called The $7 Secret Report (non-referral link). Don't click any links on that site or send any money to anyone until you come back here to read why it's a scam. Back already? Good. Read on.

The site is promoting a report that claims to show you how you can make thousands of dollars a month by selling information reports on your Web site or blog. The author of the report will share his money-making secrets with you if you send him $7 via Paypal.

This reminds me of an old newspaper want-ad scam that's so old that your grandparents might remember it. I place an ad in the paper claiming that I know how to get rich, and I'll share my secret with you if you send $1 and a SASE (self-addressed, stamped envelope, for those of you born in the electronic age) to my P.O. box (Post Office box, as in snail mail). When you send me a dollar, I send you a letter instructing you to place an ad in the newspaper, just like I did, because lots of suckers will send you a dollar just like the one you sent to me.

If anyone is still unsure of how the $7 Secret scam works, just send $6 via Paypal to I'll explain the whole thing in detail.

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